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Who are we

mevanta is one of the most experienced care providers in Berlin. For almost 30 years we have been providing care services to people in their familiar environment. We assist with running the household, relieve family members of the family and provide support to them. The trust that is put in our employees has allowed us to grow continuously since then.

Pro vita was founded in 1991 and has grown into today’s mevanta Pflegegesellschaft mbH, which combines three outpatient nursing services as well as day care and a residential nursing home with a total of over 500 clients, mainly older people.

We firmly believe that only satisfied employees can ensure that our clients are doing well. That is why we stand for a team-oriented cooperation, intensive training with assigned, English-speaking mentors and attractive, performance-related remuneration and grants as well as further support programmes.

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What we do

The client is at the heart of our work. To ensure highest possible quality, we take a holistic approach to providing care which has been rewarded with a high demand for our services. This means that we provide all services from the wound treatment prescribed by the doctor, to basic care (personal care, nutrition, mobilisation) and running the household, care as well as providing advice at the client’s home and also in our day care centres or in our nursing home.

How your work could be in our company

In our company you will mainly work in outpatient care. This means that you will support and care for older and sick people who still live in their own homes. Thus, you enable the care recipient to lead a largely self-determined life in a familiar environment. Our nursing service management prepare plans with individual care for each client. You implement the planned measures for our clients at home and finally document your activities. Furthermore, following the recognition of your diploma as a trained nurse, you will assume various medical treatments such as injections, administering medication, changing wound dressings, compression or infusion therapies.

What does a typical working day look like

As recognised trained nursing staff, your main responsibility is to provide medical services. You will provide and/or administer medication, apply compression bandages, administer injections and change dressings. In some cases both, basic nursing care and medical services, are required.

We work in a two-shift system (early and late shift). Your nursing service management prepares and displays the duty roster one month in advance so you will be able to find out which shift you are on.

You first come to the office to have a look at the handover book and exchange news and information with your colleagues over a cup of coffee or tea. Surely you can imagine that the care of many clients must be well co-ordinated. A digitised daily schedule on your smart phone will show you which clients need to be provided with which services and when. You will take necessary documents and keys, get into your company car (automatic transmission, navigation system) and drive to one client after another.

Of course, a break is also scheduled which you can spend with your colleagues. At the end of the tour you return back to the office. You will provide information regarding your tour, clarify any questions you might have and exchange information with your colleagues.

Every fortnight there are team meetings to which all colleagues come together to discuss updates to clients, organisational topics or news. On ten days per year either before or after your tour, you will attend training courses to keep your professional knowledge up-to-date or improve it.

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